How we add value to your fashion

Fabric Sourcing

Asia and Europe
Clients that know us and have visited our office already know Sample room is a garment manufacturer with a large library of fabrics from both Europe and Asia.

If there is a fabric you are looking for, probably we already have it.

Fabrics that need sourcing will be considered a custom search for each client, considering quality requirement, order volume, budget and exclusivity.

Fitting Support

Use Q&A for the perfect fit
Getting the fit right is a challenge for many designers. Sample Room is a garment manufacturer that offers fitting support and can even do they entire fitting process for you.

Our Q & A department will help your designers solve complicated technical issues.

Q:”There’s something wrong with the sleeve, we’re not sure what it is”.

A:”Let us analyse that problem for you and offer a solution”


It’s even in our name.
Sample Room wouldn’t be Sample Room without the excellent sampling service we offer brands and retailers.

Every sample we make gets an internal review before it is sent out to our client.

Technical input helps our clients achieve a speedy and efficient development stage.

Using the correct technology and materials in sampling stage optimises the quality of bulk production.


From anti-pilling to consumer wash
Sample Room’s technical department makes a risk analysis on every order. Based on the risk analysis, the technical team will test everything that could be a possible risk. For basic testing such as anti-pilling, our office has the needed equipment such as the Martendale pilling resistance testing machine. More complicated tests such as those related to chemicals are outsourced to international laboratories.

Our clients can safely assume all the necessary testing will be done without mention. Any extra testing requests will of course all be taken care of.

Quality Control

Before, during and after.
The most important quality control is done at a stage where it can actually make a difference. Fabric is checked before cutting. Another thing that is checked before cutting is the paper patterns. The factory gets technical input from our QC team when the first pieces are ready.  Goods that are packed and ready to ship get a thorough final inspection. The quality standards we keep, are the quality standards of Sample Room as a brand of it’s own. If we don’t think it meets our brand standards, we will fix it before we ship it.


After inspection, goods are delivered to your forwarders warehouse for F.O.B. shipments. If you don’t have a big logistics team, or simply don’t like all the hassle that comes with transport, let us handle it for you. Use our D.D.P. service and we will deliver the goods directly to your distribution center.

Social Compliance

BSCI member
To support the cause of workers rights and healthy working conditions, Sample Room is a member of BSCI.


Garment factories where sewing for our goods is done need to pass a third party audit for social compliance.


Factories that have not yet passed a BSCI audit will get our encouragement, training and financial support in order to get compliant.