Hand beading garments
Embellishments all made by hand.

Follow our design, or follow your own design.

Many nice patterns  available.

Sizing can customised to meet your requests.

Our showroom is up to date on all the latest embellishment material and design from Asia.

New designs are added regularly.

Not every factory makes hand beading garments because of the high costs and close follow-up needed. Sample Room works with partners specialising in all kinds of made by hand embellishments.

Because innovation matters, your brand and your designs need fresh and new materials. Sourcing new embellishments can be a challenge. Order volume, budget, quality and exclusivity are all factors to consider. Another challenge is determining which embellishment best suits which garment. Our sourcing team will make these decisions easier for you and your design team.

Working with designs by Sample Room is fast and easy.

Working with your design team on your own designs will set the base for a smooth cooperation with excellent results.

Clients are partners for making great products.